Friday, February 4, 2011

About Our Campaign

What can we do to prevent e-waste and its damaging effects? This is what our project attempts to answer.

We are a group of students from SFU's CMNS 425 class (Applied Communications for Social Issues). Our goal this semester is to seek changes in the way e-waste is being disposed, in addition to raising awareness among our peers. We want people to become aware of the dangers of e-waste, and we want a promise from our university that it will ban e-waste.

Some of the steps we’re taking to achieve our goals for the campaign are:

·         to make an educational documentary to raise awareness of e-waste
·         to get as much media coverage as we can
·         to connect students through social networking sites, encouraging them to become involved
·         to teach people where they can safely recycle their electronics, as well as questioning people about the amount of electronic waste they produce
·         to create an “E-waste Day” at SFU, as well as a solid plan for SFU to ban e-waste

Together, we are aiming to raise awareness through establishing an e-waste campaign at SFU. From there, we hope to make the voices of those who live in these e-waste infested countries heard.

Keep posted—we’ll be updating our blog every time we have news to share about our project!

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