About Us

SFU E-waste Campaign Team

We are a group of students from SFU's CMNS 425 class (Applied Communications for Social Issues). Our goal this semester is to seek changes in the way e-waste is being disposed, in addition to raising awareness among our peers. In this digital age, our society has become heavily immersed in technology. Due to this we have a surplus of electronics, obsolete or loose scraps, that are irresponsibly discarded by citizens and electronic recycling companies that claim they are 'green'. Although this issue is not a priority on the government's 'to fix list', we believe that the voices of those whose lives and health are being threatened by e-waste should be heard. Together, we are aiming to raise awareness this semester and even afterwards through establishing an e-waste campaign/E-waste Day at SFU in hopes that change will be made.

Petition & Policy Letter to President Petter

In addition to our campaign day, we are drafting up a policy letter to SFU's president, Mr. Andrew Petter, to inform him of the seriousness of E-waste. We are asking that there be a free, permanent drop-off location for electronics that is easily accessible to all SFU students and staff alike. This is something that the University of British Columbia has offered for a number of years. A permanent e-waste drop-off location on campus is a necessary step in the process towards fighting e-waste, as it allows people a convenient way to recycle their electronics while ensuring that the materials will not be sent overseas. We hope that our petition list will act as strong additional support to our letter, demonstrating to Mr. Petter that the student body is also behind us in maintaining SFU’s status as a forward-thinking, radical university and supporting our vision of an e-waste free university.