Katie's Blog

Hi, my name is Katie and I began spring-cleaning early this
year resulting in my old computer needing to find a home. So I am on a journey
to find the most ethical and sustainable way to recycle my computer. I want to
make it my mission to see to it that my computer will not end up in any
 So come and join me on my mini adventure to find a happy ending for my computer :)


Entry #1

Spring cleaning came early for me this year and since I've spent the last couple weeks cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and rearranging, it came to no surprise that I have bags full of clothes that are lined up for 'good will'. Unlike more normal cleaning rants this one was exceptional because
I decided to finally take the plunge and remove my old, very old, desktop iMac computer. For the last couple years now it has just been sitting in my room (you could say collecting dust) and since its still working I've never really known what to do with it, hence its worn out its welcome and it’s time to move on. After finally removing it from my room, I found myself just putting into our spare room (so much for my spring-cleaning) for unlike my bags of clothes I simply can’t send it off to 'good will'. 

This is where the blog comes in, for it dawned on me that I have a lot of old electronics lying around my house in need of attention, and since I cannot just throw them in the trash I have been hoarding them, maybe in hopes that a fairy will come and relieve me of them or they will magically
disappear. The reality is this hasn't happened and most likely won’t therefore I feel it’s time for me to deal with it, and figure out how I can ethically and safely recycle my computer in hopes of stopping my computer from ending up in any landfill.

So off I go on a journey that will hopefully see to a happy ending for my computer and maybe yours too?


Entry #2

Where to start...

Today I decided to a call a few electronic stores to see if they would be able to recycle my old computer. I felt this was the best approach seeing as this is where my computer came from and hopefully they had a means to help recycle it. I guess in hindsight I should have realized that wasn't the smartest thinking, seeing as every place I called didn't have any recycling program in place nor any solution. I understand that these companies wouldn't necessarily take the steps to ensure responsible recycling because they are a business, and my business ended once I walked out of the door with my computer. The problem however is that when I did call each store, each person I talked to didn't have any suggestions as to where I could take my computer. I even asked if they received many calls regarding this simple question and it seemed that they did!  

After calling Mac Station, Future Shop, Staples, Best Buy and the Source I came up with nothing, other than forty five minutes of wasted time (finding the numbers, waiting on hold, calling back in hopes to finally talk to someone....the list goes on). It would be nice if these companies would partner with an ethical recycling company, so that if a customer does call regarding this question they are given a solution to this ongoing problem. Ultimately, it is still up to the consumer to investigate and research the company that they take their computer too, but at least it would provide consumers with some sort of direction. This simple partnership would not only provide consumers with ownership over their goods but as well as the business itself because I believe that sustaining our environment really depends not only on consumers but corporations as well. Having spent most of my time today calling around I decided to visit the City of Burnaby's website, in which I found Burnaby's 'Recycling and Yard Waste Depot', they have a 1-800 number that I wrote down and hope to call tomorrow.

Hopefully they will have some suggestions for me as to where I can take my computer!


Entry #3

This is exactly why I am doing this blog.....

The last couple of days while driving down my lane I have noticed what appears to be a television just sitting on the curb. At first I thought it may have been put there in hopes that someone will want it and pick it up on their way home and if that didn't happen then my neighbor would take care of it. However with the rain and snow we have endured over the last couple of days, it doesn't seem that anybody is going to be taking it home anytime soon. I don't want to go on a complete rant but seriously WHO IS SUPPOSE TO TAKE CARE OF THIS?? It boggles my mind that my neighbor has just thrown what can only be assumed as their broken TV into our lane, what in hopes that someone will take care of it??? Its a pretty big TV too! I'm frustrated at the fact that this is the solution to someone's problem, that by placing it outside of their house and into the street that magically someone will deal with it! Well guess what, that hasn't happened!! 

It is in instances such as this that I become aggravated for if you are to buy a TV, a computer a cellphone it is truly your responsibility to take care of it. Televisions are not something that can simply be thrown into the trash, therefore it seems people need to be educated on where to take their broken, unwanted electronics. Placing them in a lane, throwing them into a dump is not the solution, if you buy it then you need to recycle it, it's your responsibility to take care of it and find the necessary means for it's proper disposal.

Its been over a week now and nothing has happened with that television,  it looks like I'm now trying to find a happy ending for my computer and a television!!